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Apr 22

Central Festival Koh Samui, Grand opening 29th March 2014 is still on track
In a recent press release, Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN) announced that it is ready to unveil its latest grand retail development project, Central Festival Samui in Chaweng this coming Saturday 29th March. Many skeptics thought the Grand Opening would be delayed but it looks like the contractors will get everything ready for next weekend!

Central Festival Koh Samui, Grand opening 29th March 2014

The Grand Opening party will featur a fun-filled ?Neon Party? with amazing performances such as the Splash Drums show, the Acrobatic Ocean Dance and a special highlight of the party ?DJ Spin?. The party will be colourful and nothing short of spectacular and fun, with superstars and celebrities like Pakorn ?Dome? Lum, Ratha ?Ying? Pohngam, Janesuda Panto, Keng Tachaya and Taengmoe Wallika attending and performing for the crowd.

These are serious house hold names in the Thai ’super star’ department and I expect it to be packed to the rafters during the opening. I won’t be on the island but even if I would, I would not consider visiting the Grand Opening since I expect it to be a madhouse and actually to be very uncomfortable with standing room only where ever you will go that day or evening.

During the Grand Opening of Central Plaza in Surat Thani I tried to attend but it was so busy I had to abort that attempt and pictures showed that people inside were packed like sardines everywhere.

I will just wait a few days before I visit.

Central Festival Koh Samui, Grand opening 29th March 2014

Central Festival Samui will be a themed mall that presents the unique characteristics of Koh Samui and the way of life of residents on the island that has long been known as a world-class tourist destination. The new shopping centre?s architecture is inspired the vintage Chaweng Port theme and also features contemporary architecture. The vintage Chaweng Port theme can be seen through the use of charming decorations such as birdcages, which will remind people of Koh Samui residents? daily lives. There are also other beautiful decorative themes such as the Chino-Portuguese influence, the Fisherman Village theme and the Old Town Market theme, showcasing the colonial-style architecture and the ?East meets West? blend.

The list of shops and restaurants has been unveiled and admittedly, that list was a little bit disappointing. No real new names in the restaurant sector besides a come back of the Japanese restaurant chain ‘Zen’, after they retreated from the ‘Big C’ outlet and the other new place will be an off shoot from the Zazen restaurant/resort, they are opening ‘Cafe Zazen, a Belgian brasserie.

A long anticipated restaurant by many locals and expats, ‘Sizzler’ is unfortunately missing on the list of restaurants.

It’s great though that Central decided to build on Samui and I’m, definitely looking forward to my first visit.

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