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Jul 30

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In 2009 the project ?AQIQ? transformed a decrepit rarely-used library in Wat Praderm Elementary School in Koh Samui into a modern, fully-stocked, and appealing library facility under the belief ?Creativity is the Beginning of Success? the new library which provided a safe and educational place for the local children. However, as more children came, the library needed to be updated and expanded again. Ms. Chanchakorn (Pin) Chaipromprasith saw the need and has initiated a new project called ?Little by Little?, which will upgrade the library into a haven for the children, complete with more books, creativity stations, and computer labs with up-to-date technology. This project will bring great benefits to students by giving them ample opportunities to gain knowledge, as well as provide them a creative and relaxing facility to spend their free time.

Ms. Chanchakorn was inspired to start ?Little by Little? based on her experiences when she was a child, studying in Australia, then America. She saw how knowledge was combined with technology and creative projects in those countries to provide the best education for children. She also discovered that there were many comfortable areas for children to hang out while studying. She realized she had to bring this style of learning to Thailand to benefit the Thai children, so she gathered her friends to start ?Little by Little?. The project is based on the idea that ?knowledge does not only exist in a book,? and it is Ms. Chanchakorn?s desire that the creative library will become a place where children feel at home and love to spend time studying and enjoying themselves, a place where they can hang out, more like Kids Zone rather than just a library.

Since one of Ms. Chanchakorn?s passions is collecting memories by taking photographs during her travels, she has converted her love for photography into an effective fundraiser for ?Little by Little?. She invited Mr. Pornpoj Kanjanahattakij a famous celebrity photographer who is well known as Sixtysix Visual (@sixtysix), to join her project. He has kindly accepted the invitation and will select fifty of his signed original photographs for 3,000 baht per piece. Each photograph is 42cm by 61cm and is one of his popular pieces.

All of the profit from the sale of SixtySix Visual?s photographs will be used to purchase new computers and educational materials for the new creative library. Additionally, ShaSa Resort and Residence Koh Samui and Bangkok Airways are supporting ?Little by Little? by providing vouchers for travel and accommodation for project volunteers, to ensure that this project will be a great success. Ms. Chanchakorn is grateful for the support of her friends and sponsors, and hopes that the success of ?Little by Little? can pave the way to open additional educational facilities in other needy schools.

To purchase a photograph, please contact Ms. Chanchakorn at chaipromprasithc14@kent-school.edu or you can also go to view them first at Little by Little facebook page; www.facebook.com/LittlebyLittleProject. Moreover, The library condition improvement activities will be held at Wat Praderm Elementary School on the 2nd August 2013 from 08:00 to 16:00 the activities are massive cleaning, wall painting, organising books in the library. If you should need further information or to join the activities, you can also email Ms. Chanchakorn directly or go to Little by Little facebook page.

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