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The first one took place on April 22nd 2012, the next one will be on April 21st 2013

The Bicycle zone which is the central point of the event will be located in Nathon. The finish zone of the race, the merchandising zone, the VIP zone, the Organisation and Animation zone shall be fitted out next to the Bicycle zone.

The Swimming course swill consist of 2 laps of 2 km with Australian exit at the end of the first lap in Bophut The Cycling course is a total distance of 122 KM 650 M (one and half laps around Island). The Running course is one lap of 30 km between Nathon and the south of Island.

The Swimming course shall necessitate the setting up of buoys located at the corners and water lines with assistance, race control and journalists boats. Divers will be present too. A medical assistance post will be located at the end of the swimming race as well as a supply post for competitors.

The Cycling Course and Running Course will be marked out with vertical and horizontal arrows. The race will be protected by Policemen or volunteers at each crossroads intersection. It is hoped that the road will be closed totally or on the racing side.

The assistance, control and supply posts will be arranged all along the course.

The merchandising zone will include tents intended to welcome the Sponsors and Companies selling products.

The VIP zone will be located at the finish line and will be fitted out to welcome Sponsors, VIP and Media.

The Organisation area Zone will be divided in 4 parts :

  • The Triathletes, Officials, Sponsors and Media welcome zone.
  • The Medical zone.
  • The Organisation management, Radio communication and Refereeing zone.
  • The Media zone.

Copy, Fax, Phone, Computer, Timing equipment and Electrical and water feeding are absolutely necessary. Bathrooms and shower equipment as well.

The animation zone comprises a platform animator, an English speaking announcer, a sound system covering the animation zone, tribunes for spectators, and if possible entertainment shows.

The Arrival, Bicycle, VIP and Organisation Zones must be protected by fences.

Finish post or inflated arches shall be placed on star and finish Zones.

Stands to support bicycles and chairs shall be placed in the Bicycle Zone.

Motorcycles, cars and assistance helicopters are necessary for Referees, Media and Organisation Team.

Ambulances, ressusitation equipment and first aid emergency kits, as well as doctors, physiotherapists and nurses are absolutely necessary.

Organisation, Bicycle, VIP, Departure and Arrival Zones must be controlled and secured.

A car park has to be provided nearby for VIP, Media, Organisation Team, and Triathletes.

Supplies consist of mineral water, fresh fruits, energy drinks, Coca Cola, dry fruits etc?.?A list of Lodging and transportation shall be proposed to competitors, Media, Organisation Team at competitive prices. The provision of a swim cap, an identification plate for the bicycle, two race numbers and one T-shirt is obligatory. A Finisher T-shirt shall be given to all finishers.

No outside assistance of any kind will be permitted, unless otherwise authorised by the Organisation Team.

All above mentioned obligations and those non-written but required for an international event organisation whom Organisation Team is ITU are supported by the Operator. He is in charge of finding necessary local helps according to ITU Rules. Additional details shall be given when event organisation is setting.

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